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Kajavida is a niche company focusing on profit and quality in equipment leasing.

The economic climate of rising energy costs, uncertain financial markets and relentless pressure to drive down overheads poses multiple challenges for healthcare professionals. Management must deliver the optimum mix of medical equipment technology for a successful medical facility, and to empower the staff to achieve the best possible patient outcomes.


 With the economy fluctuating and financial “fuel” not always easy to obtain, it becomes more difficult to enhance the quantity and quality of medical equipment while funding cashflow and providing financial support for growth. The “owned” asset depreciates and maintenance costs increase in relation to the equipment value in a rapidly-changing technological environment.  


A sensible alternative is to lease medical equipment and this method of acquisition offers many advantages. Preservation of capital is one, turning an otherwise capital investment requiring borrowing and/or a significant upfront commitment of cash into an operating expense. Leasing also provides potential tax benefits for the organisation, opportunity cost benefits and maintains existing bank credit lines without compromise.


But the strength of Kajavida’s LEASING-MADE-EASY program puts the latest medical technology to work for the medical facility, its patients and staff. It gives protection against the obsolescence of the equipment. It enables easy upgrades to newer medical systems when needed, without penalty and without waiting until the equipment is finally paid for.  There is no longer a concern with the disposal of older assets of limited or no efficiency.


Working with Kajavida, the medical facility can plan and implement a refresh cycle for its medical and associated IT assets, anticipating the succeeding generations of technology and creating an optimum infrastructure.


Kajavida recognises that some customers will want to own some or all of the equipment at the end of the lease term, and so provides the option to return, purchase or extend some or all of the equipment. And for some equipment with a long economic life, it makes sense to own it from the start so Kajavida also provides Hire Purchase facilities.


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