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Kajavida grow your profits as if they were theirs.            Focus on acquisitions.

For the CEO of a small to medium-sized company, acquiring another company is not the run-of-the-mill thing ; not something you do everyday ; maybe never before.


So Kajavida are here to help you acquire the right companies, with planning, forethought and very targeted - as if they were on your staff.


Kajavida searches, selects, acquires and integrates small to medium-sized companies. Their knowledge of the medical industry in South East Asia and Australia enables careful targeting of those  companies - generally owner-occupied - that will deliver the desired growth and profit for the acquirer. 


60% of all acquisitions fail to deliver increased shareholder value.  Potentially right companies are discarded for the wrong reasons. Often critical success factors such as culture are ignored and acquisition objectives are not well thought out. 


Kajavida works with executive management to define their acquisition objectives and to get them better prepared to acquire the right company to deliver the planned growth.   



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